Talbot County's Civil War Veterans

First Regiment, Eastern Shore Infantry

The First Regiment, Eastern Shore Infantry, Maryland Volunteers gathered at Cambridge in September of 1861. Companies A, B and C enrolling from Dorchester County; Companies D,E and F from Caroline County; Company H from Talbot County; Company I from Baltimore City, and Company K from Somerset County.
The Regiment was immediately assigned to special duty on the Eastern Shore. On November 1861, it accompanied General Lockwood's brigade to Accomac and Northampton Counties, Virginia to control the active aid to the Confederacy in that area.
Requesting duty at the front, when General Robert E.Lee invaded Maryland and Pennsylvania in June of 1863, the regiment reached Gettysburg on July 3rd and immediately went into action on Culp's Hill facing among other opponents, the Second Maryland Infantry,C.S.A.
After the battle, the regiment continued with the Army of the Potomac until Lee's Confederate army was driven out of Maryland.
After a brief period of dity on the Upper Potomac, the regiment returned to the Eastern Shore until February of 1865, when it's veterans and new recruits were consolidated with the Eleventh Regiment of Infantry, Maryland Volunteers.
The First Regiment, Eastern Shore Infantry was commanded by Colonels James Wallace, John Keene and Lt.Col.William H.Comegys.
During it's service, the regiment marched 760 miles, were transported by rail 283 miles and were transported by water 1,322 miles.
The casualty list consisted of 9 killed in action and 52 died of disease and wounds.

Roster of Company H of Talbot

Commissioned Officers:
Charles R.Mullikin, Capt., resigned July 1862
Argalus G.Hennisee, Capt., resigned February 1865
James C.Mulliken, 1st Lieutenant, resigned June 1865
Salomon Coburn, 2nd Lieutenant, resigned December, 1864

Enlisted Men:
Daniel Abbott, William Adra, Isaac Atkinson, John Q.Adams, Samuel Bartlet, Joseph Brashears, John Brown, Samuel Barton, Joseph Bartlet, William Bryan, Edward Blades, ***Anderson Breedon, ***Daniel Britten, *William Chaplin, William Chaffinch, **Thomas Faulkner, William Fluharty, George Fluharty, George Ford, Alex Frampton, *James Frampton, *James Gossage, *Robert Giles, *William Hull, John Holmes, Robert Hall, Henry Harrington,Musician, Samuel Harris, *Charles Jester, Theodore Jones, Richard McMahan, John Moore, George Mulliken, George Mullikin, Charles Mullikin, William Mullikin, George Moore, Edward Newnam, William Oakes, Harrison Ozman, Henry Palmer, William N.Price, William Q.Price, George Parrott,Musician, *William H.Price, *James Price, Charles Parrott, *William Reed, Robert Ross, Levin Rathell, Fidamon Roll, William Smart, Theodore Shammer, *Andrew Satterfield, Charles Seymour, ***Francis Seymour, James Scott, James Spencer, Nicholas Tucker, Richard Jester, **Adam Jones, George Johnson, **Joseph Jackson, Alfred Lee, Samuel Mathews, Henry Mulliken, Calvin McClayland, William McClayland, David Tucker, James Tull, ***Harrison Ury, Richard Wharton, ***Michael Young.

* - Wounded
** - Died
*** - Deserted

Talbot's Monument

The Statue in front of the Talbot County Court House of a Confederate soldier, holding the stars and bars, has the following inscription: "To the Talbot Boys who fought For the Confederacy".
The following names are inscribed on the monument:

Admiral Franklin Buchanan, Sur.Gen.Edward N.Covey, Brig.Gen.Chas.S.Winder, Brig.Gen.Lloyd Tilghman, Col.A.B. Hardcastle, Col.Chas.E.Sears, Capt.Oswald Tilghman, Lieut.Wm.R.Byus, Lieut.John Leeds Tilghman, Stanley M.Byus, Chas.Byus, I.James Blunt, Robt.H.Clough, Robt.Alex.Dawson, Levin G.Dawson, Robert M.Dawson, Wm.Thos.Ewing, Wm.C.Gibson, Fayette Gibson, Edward Gibson, Samuel T.Glenn, Jas.K.Harper, Wm.F.Hardcastle, Alex.Rigby Hopkins, John N.Lane, William E.Lowe, Wrightson L.Lowe, John N.S.Martin, Wrightson McMahan, Percolus M.Moore, Josiah Noble, Alfred C.Price, James H.Price, Michael Quinn, Geo.Redmond, William S.Winder, Anthony P.Ross, James M.Tharp, Tench F.Tilghman, Richard C.Tilghman, Theophilus Tunis, Edwin S.Valliant, George E.Valliant, Maj.A.C.C.Thompson, Chas.T.Lloyd, Dandiel Lloyd, Wm.T.Loveday, Robt.C.Jones, Edw.L.L.Bracco, Seth Calvert, D.Rich.D.Cheezum, Thos.E.Cryer, W.Elvend Dickinson, Chas.H.Edkhart, Thos.J.Edgar, Frank M.Fairband, Solomon Fletcher, Lt.Robert H.Goldsborough, Edmund K.Goldsborough, William Grace, Jas.P.Hambleton, Wm.H.Hambleton, Theodore Lockerman, Robert Lee, Capt.Jno.W.Bennett, Benj.F.Lane, Wm.H.Lyons, John W.McDaniel, Augustus Moore, Alexander Murray, Thomas H.Oliver, J.Rousby Plater, Wm.J.Porter, James Reddie, Jos.Ridgaway, Edward Roberts, John J.K.Shannahan, Louis Slaughter, John R.Thomas, Thos.Rigby Valliant, George Todd, John G.White, Charles N.Willis, Thomas E.Willis.